Russia is a huge market


To be successful in this 191 mln market,
you should know that…

Facebook is not the biggest in Russia

Russian social networks by monthly audience
(January 2015)


Google doesn`t dominate the Internet search

Russian search engines by monthly audience
(March 2015)


1% by Rambler and others

Russian language is very specific

rus main 1
Russian language is extremely difficult

This is 7 completely
different words
Google translate doesn`t work

You can`t just combine
two words in Russian
rus main 1
rus main 1
App Store doesn't consider Russian grammar

These words have the same meaning
but are different search queries
82% of Russians speak Russian only
Only 3,2% of Russians speak Russian Only
Russians use Russian even
to search for English words
rus main 1
rus main 1
Russian words are 50% longer than English ones
These are absolutely the same word sets
in English (44 symbols) and Russia
(67 symbols)